New Remote Software Upgrade available for over one million BMW vehicles worldwide.

Munich. It is the biggest over-the-air upgrade in the
history of the BMW Group. The rollout of the latest version of BMW
Operating System 7 (ver. 11/20) will get underway on 22.02.2021. Over
one million vehicles worldwide from the premium carmaker across more
than 20 models are due to receive the software update, setting another
new record for the largest over-the-air upgrade campaign ever carried
out by a European manufacturer. Highlight features of the latest
software version include deep integration of the voice assistant
Amazon Alexa for five countries, the ability to quickly and easily
sign in with your driver profile once on board using the My BMW app
and expansion of Active Navigation to cover additional countries.
Customers will receive a push notification in their car or in the BMW
app on their smartphone as soon as the upgrade is available for their vehicle.

New and extended functions.

  • The deep integration of Alexa means customers can
    now use the voice assistant from Amazon in their car in exactly the
    same way they already do at home. As a result, editing shopping
    lists, accessing the latest news and playing music are even easier.
    And users can now also control compatible smart home devices from
    the car. Amazon Alexa is being made available for Germany, Austria,
    the UK1, Spain and Italy as part of this upgrade. Amazon
    Alexa integration will be extended to more countries in subsequent upgrades.
  • The personal BMW driver profile can now be
    transferred to other BMW cars, including rental vehicles, quickly
    and easily by scanning a QR code using the My BMW app. Climate
    control and navigation settings will then be automatically imported
    into the vehicle along with the driver’s favourites. Personal
    settings for e.g. seat position, exterior mirrors and driver
    assistance system preferences can likewise be stored in the profile.
    If a customer has linked their profile with the car key, their
    settings will be applied on opening the vehicle.
  • The BMW M Laptimer promises even greater driving
    pleasure on the track with the help of sensor data gathered directly
    from the vehicle (including accelerator position, rev speed,
    G-meter). Lap times, driving time and distance travelled can be
    viewed at any time, even while on the move, helping the customer to
    keep improving their personal track performance. Once their session
    is over, all the data from the BMW M Laptimer is compiled into a
    user-friendly format so that it can be analysed at leisure.
  • The latest upgrade for the BMW Intelligent Personal
    offers customers a taste of the sound made by
    BMW M models. A question along the lines of “Hey BMW, what does a
    BMW M8 sound like?” prompts the arrival of a stirring aural
    accompaniment to sports performance.
  • It is important to change lane safely and in good time when
    driving abroad, too, of course. The Active
    feature offered as an extended function of the
    Steering and Lane Control Assistant will now also be available to
    aid drivers in France, Portugal and Spain. This function suggests
    making a lane change whenever one is required to follow the
    calculated route. If a gap in the traffic is detected, Active
    Navigation will wait until the vehicle is level with the gap before
    prompting the driver to change lane.

Function enhancements

  • Besides the standard pictures available, a personalised
    profile image
    can also now be added to the user’s driver
    profile. Image and profile can be synchronised easily using the My
    BMW app.
  • To help customers delete their personal data and My BMW app links
    when handing back or returning vehicles, all associations with the
    My BMW app or BMW ID will now be cleared when the customer resets
    the vehicle to the factory settings.
  • This Remote Software Upgrade will also update the vehicle’s
    Integrated Owner’s Manual with the latest information.

Remote Software Upgrade and rollout.

Since 2018, BMW Operating System 7 and the Remote Software Upgrade
facility have offered BMW drivers a quick and simple way of keeping
their vehicle up to date with the latest software. New functions can
be conveniently imported into the car over the air. The installation
files are prepared in the vehicle in the background. Once this has
been done, even major updates rarely take longer than 20 minutes to install.

Due to the coronavirus situation and the resulting impact on
available support capacity, the rollout of the current upgrade may be
postponed in certain markets.

Vehicles including BMW Operating System 7 that have been manufactured
since November 2020 will have already been equipped with the latest
version, complete with the additional functions. Customers can check
the software status and search for available upgrades by going to
Remote Software Upgrade in the vehicle settings. Remote Software
Upgrade is now available for over 20 BMW models spanning almost the
entire BMW range. Customers whose vehicle’s software predates the
07/20 version will have to download and install this intermediate
version first before they are able to install the latest version.
Users are only ever offered the next upgrade that it is possible to
install, meaning they can never install an incorrect version.

The availability of services and functions varies depending on the
vehicle’s equipment features and the country at hand. Customers can
find the release notes for their market on the relevant national BMW ConnectedDrive website.

The related BMW
How-To video contains instructions and handy tips on Remote
Software Upgrade.



1 For the UK market, Alexa functionality on compatible
vehicles will be rolled out from the end of March 2021  

BMW Remote Software Upgrade V. 11/20. (02/21)