The dawn of a new era: The BMW Group is dovetailing corporate and BMW brand communication even more closely on the agency side.

BMW Welt - BMW Group Corporate Headquarters (02/2016)

Munich. Attention has become a crucial commodity in
the digital age. The power of product brands, but also corporate
brands, is often the decisive factor in highly competitive markets.
Successful companies and brands have a clear profile, communicate
creatively and differentiate themselves through positive emotions.

The BMW Group has decided to take an innovative and fundamentally new
approach to corporate communication, brand management and brand
communication: The company is realigning its corporate and marketing
communications for the BMW brand with regard to organisation and
content and has formed a customised agency model for this purpose with
TheGame Group, which is made up of some of the best and most
distinguished agencies in Europe. The shareholders of TheGame Group
are the Experience One GmbH and Jung von Matt AG. The agency will work
exclusively for the BMW Group for the first few years. With Tim Wagner
and Max Lederer as well as and Marc Schumacher, experienced heads
could already be won for TheGame Group. The extended operational
management team of TheGame Group is currently being established.

The BMW Group expects this to lead to an effective orchestration of
the areas of brand campaign, brand experience, brand content, brand
protection and public relations. In the future strategically developed
and coordinated brand and corporate narratives will be communicated in
a way that is appropriate to the target group and channel. In
addition, all communication is data-driven and dynamically adapted in
real time to audience response and current developments.

The holistically designed communication strategy will ensure that
both the company and BMW enter into a dialogue with the respective
target groups with the same tonality and approach across all touch
points. “The strict separation of corporate and marketing
communication into B2B on the one hand and B2C on the other no longer
corresponds to the realities of communication in the 21st century. At
the digital campfire, the best stories and the most valuable
information are what counts” says Maximilian Schöberl, Chief
Representative of BMW AG. “One Voice has already been implemented
in corporate communications at the BMW Group – now we are entering a
new era of collaboration with marketing and brand communications.
Especially in a time of rapid change, we are being challenged to
develop innovative solutions and not only to lead the pack with our
products, but also to develop the most modern and innovative
communication infrastructure in the market. We are experiencing a
renaissance of public relations.“ 

The BMW Group and its brands are engaged in a constant and
increasingly intensive dialogue with a wide range of external and
internal target groups and stakeholders: from potential and existing
customers to employees, media representatives, investors, legislators,
NGOs, Brand Friends, influencers and many more. This makes it all the
more important to orchestrate communication, which, despite all the
stringency of content, is also able to respond to the specific
requirements of target groups and channels. The richness of facets and
polyphony thus blend into a harmonious whole.

“Companies increasingly need to become broadcasters of their own
brands if they want to stay relevant and address a community. That’s
why we see “brand” as a media platform,” says Jens Thiemer,
Senior Vice President Customer and Brand BMW. “In an increasingly
fragmented media landscape, power of interpretation and efficient
dialogue can only be achieved by joining forces and focusing.” With
our approach, we are creating a new standard of modern communication.”

TheGame Group is an agency tailor-made for the needs of BMW. It
completes the new agency model that BMW established last autumn with
takes on the task of empowering all digital product communication in
all European markets, TheGame Group focuses on innovative,
data-driven, high-quality creative and strategic work in corporate and
brand communication. In future, the aim is to stage the brand
internationally across all channels with a maximum of creativity and efficiency.

“If Jung von Matt was a car, it would be a BMW. This quote has
been true for us for over twenty years – and today more than ever. We
share a passion for what we make, we believe in continuous innovation
and we are proud to be shareholders in TheGame Group”, says Peter
Figge, member of the board of Jung von Matt AG.

Vincent Bodo Andrin, founder of the Experience One GmbH and ZEITGEIST
Group states: “The interplay of marketing and public relations
opens up completely new and enormous perspectives for creating genuine
brand experiences: by involving all the senses for all relevant target
groups. What we are creating replaces many inefficient interfaces and
opens up unimagined possibilities.”

For the area of corporate communications, TheGame Group will
cooperate with the newly founded British offshoot of the Looping
Group, Looping Group International Ltd in London. This new company
will be responsible for the areas of public relations and social
media. “Consistently converging marketing and communications is
in our DNA. That is why we are very pleased that TheGame Group
approached us,” says Michael Karg, Chief Operating Officer of
Looping Group International and head of the London office from which
BMW’s international social media publishing will be managed in future.

BMW Welt - BMW Group Corporate Headquarters (02/2016)Maximilian Schöberl, General representative of BMW AG and Head of Group Communications and Politics (02/2021).Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer and BMW Brand (02/2021).Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer and BMW Brand (02/2021).